Broward County Band Directors Association

2012-2013 Co-Chairs:         Farryn Weiss, Nova Middle           Heston Curry, McArthur High

Guest Clinicians

We are very pleased to announce the 2021 - 2022 Honor Band Clinicians!
Concert Bands Performance: Spring Semester 2022
Middle School Concert Band- TBA
High School Concert Band- TBA
High School Symphonic Band- TBA

Jazz Bands & Young Musicians Honor Band Performance: Spring Semester 2022
Middle School Jazz Band- TBA
High School Jazz Band- TBA
Young Musicians Honor Band- TBA

Previous Honor Band Clinicians
Guest Clinicians 2020 - 2021 (Virtual Event)
Middle School Concert Band- Brian Balmages, Composer & Jennifer Kampmeier, NASA
High School Concert Band- Chandler Wilson, Composer & Travis Cross, UCLA
High School Symphonic Band - John Mackey, Composer & Shelby Chipman, FAMU
Middle School Jazz Band- Jeff Rupert, UCF
High School Jazz Band- Aaron Flagg, Juliard
Special Guest: Prince Charles Alexander, Berklee

Guest Clinicians 2019 - 2020
Middle School Concert Band- Ms. Devan Moore
High School Concert Band- Mr. Ivan Wansley
Middle School Jazz Band- Mr. Bringle Cidel
High School Jazz Band- Ms. Michele Fernandez-Denlinger
Young Musicians Honor Band- Mr. Sheldon McLean

Guest Clincians 2018-2019
Young Musicians Honor Band-Mr. Michael Scott
Middle School Concert Band-Mr. Evan Rogovin
High School Concert Band-Mr. Larry Shane
Middle School Jazz Band-Ms. Jackie Parsons
High School Jazz Band- Dr. Ed Calle

Guest Clinicians 2017-2018
Young Musician Honor Band-Mr. Anthony Williams
Middle School Concert Band-Mr. Travis Henry
High School Concert Band-Dr. Brian Wuttke
Middle School Jazz Band- Mr. Rick Fowler
High School Jazz Band-Dr. Courney Jones

Guest Clinicians 2016-2017
Young Musician Honor Band-Mr. Diron Holloway
Middle School Concert Band-Mr. Michael Garasi
High School Concert Band-Mr. Rodester Brandon
Middle School Jazz Band- Mr. Ed Maina
High School Jazz Band-Mr. Jim Gasior

Guest Clinicians 2015-2016
Young Musician Honor Band - Ms. Cathi Leibinger
Middle School Concert Band - Mr. Brian Sullivan
High School Concert Band -Ms. Cynthia Berry
Middle School Jazz Band - Mr. John H. Normandin
High School Jazz Band -Dr. John Daversa